Bothering pain and restricted mobility for prolonged period of time are the main reasons that force people to seek physiotherapy treatment. Pain and mobility restrictions can be the result of an injury, frozen shoulder, wrong posture or some external factor. A physiotherapist not only helps in managing the pain or improving your mobility, but he also helps in preventing future pain from happening by analyzing your current situation.

Benefits of Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treatment is not limited to old people, the need may arise at any age including babies, young professionals and elderly persons. If you are experiencing any kind of stain, injury or muscular disorder then physiotherapy can help you in recovering your physical well-being.

Physiotherapy is helpful for people with the following conditions:

Back / lower back pain Knee pain Joint pain Neck pain Cervical spondylosis Sprains & strains Cerebral palsy Neurological condition Spinal cord injury Sports related injury Osteoporosis / Arthritis Post-natal term Musculo skeletal condition Recovery from knee or hip replacement Frozen shoulder Slip disc Stroke Management of diseases like diabetes or any heart related condition Rehabilitation after surgery or broken bones Pregnancy related pain in joints & muscles Chronic fatigue syndrome Widespread pain in knees, joints muscles, ankle …

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