Patient how had an operation, recovering from an illness or has chronic health conditions may need a medical equipment to help him recover safely at home. Home medical equipment, called Durable Medical Equipment or DME for short, include wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, blood testing strips. Accumedis provides you with all needed equipment, whether you need to buy or rent depending on your current requirements, equipment cost and treatment duration.

Durable medical equipment is designed for long-term, at-home use. This includes equipment and supplies prescribed by a physician to help you recover or support your everyday life. DME expected lifetime is 3 years or more.

Types of DMEs Accumedis provides:

Hospital Beds Mobility Aids (Walkers, scooters, wheelchairs) Personal Care Aids (Bath chairs, commodes, dressing aids) Prostheses (Artificial Limbs) Orthotics (Therapeutic Footwear) Oxygen Concentrators

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