Hospital discharge requires a good plan to prevent many related problems such as risk of falls, mismanaging medications and failing to follow required diet. Accumedis stuff will create a plan that is suitable for your needs to make this transition period safe.

Accumedis stuff will assist you after

Join Replacement

Recovering from join replacement surgery should be done with extreme care to prevent a few days recovery process to be prolonged into weeks or months. Accumedis stuff can help you with medication reminders, pain management, completion of prescribed physical therapy regimes and keeping you on track with the given nutrition and hydration plan.

Heart Surgery

Procedures like heart surgery require reliable care service to allow for smooth recovery period. This process lasts from 1 to 2 months. Accumedis stuff can help you with medication reminder

Eye Surgery

After eye surgery vision will be affected greatly and will require a long period of time to recover. Accumedis can assist you with day-to-day tasks that are required to be done during recovery period such as keeping you from bending or lifting to prevent putting pressure on your eye.

Other treatments

We can provide required care after other types of surgery and treatment. Please contact us you to let you know what plan we can provide to assist you during recovery period.


Accumedis team is here to help you recover comfortably at your home. Our services are designed for your needs and our stuff works on meeting a number of after hospital discharge needs. This allows you to focus on recovery by providing answers for your calls around the clock.

Accumedis stuff can assist you with:

Following discharge orders Medication reminders Communication with healthcare providers Prescription pickup Intravenous antibiotic therapy Intramuscular injections Chemotherapy Wound care Suture removal Total parenteral and enteral nutrition Pain management

Pneumonia Prevention

Pneumonia can occur under some conditions after surgery as a result of anesthesia. Accumedis team will help you in identifying symptoms of pneumonia after surgery and provide doctor consultation is needed. These symptoms include cough, cold and mild fever, shivering and feeling cold, elevated pulse rate and being tired.

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