Parents having deaf or hard hearing children may have many questions such as how the child will communicate with his siblings or how this will affect the whole family? Accumedis sign language specialists are available for parents who want the best for their child. These specialists are highly trained to deal with deaf children with need to learn sign language since birth or during childhood. Being young is the best time for deaf child to lean sign language.


Early intervention will help your child develop in all areas. Accumedis specialists will provide services to deaf children and support for their families. If you are planning to train your deaf child and your family to use sign language, we are happy to help you. Even if your baby has normal hearing, researches proved that sign language training will promote earlier language development in him. Some elementary schools are planning or have already started teaching sign language after they found that kids at young age still not have the required vocab to get their point across. That is why usually a kid hit his playmate to take a toy instead of asking for it. Having sign language skills will give this kid another option to communicate and express his feelings.

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