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As a home health care services provider, Accumedis helps individuals, with temporary or permanent illnesses and disabilities, as well as the elderly to live independently and safely in the comfort of their own home.

With the growing aging in Lebanon and ever-increasing cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, multiple sclerosis, cancer and respiratory infections among others, comes the need for professional care services. Accumedis offers a wide range of health home care services that help patients to continue their normal daily life and to delay or cancel the need for hospitalization.

Our team of highly skilled caregivers puts their expertise at our patients’ disposition to offer to them top notch care services. This allows them continue their everyday life normally and get required medical assistance thanks to the use of appropriate tools and equipment, along with the right assistance. Our caregivers work in parallel with each patient’s physician to provide him a care plan that is specifically designed to meet his medical needs.

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