24-Hour home care maximizes time patient available to spend with family and overcomes sources of stress and tension. Accumedis offers 24-Hour personalized home care around the clock, so the patient feels comfortable, safe and cared all the time.

Accumedis 24-Hour home care is suitable for all patient’s needs. Whether around the clock care or end of life care, we work hard to ensure that each patient gets the care he needs while remaining in the comfort of his home.

24-Hour home care available options

Accumedis provides two types of home care. Full day (24 hours) and half day (12 hours) home care.

Monitoring home care

Whether it is day or night or full day home care, you can rest assured that you are well covered around the clock and our supporting staff is always reachable to answer your questions in a timely manner.

End of Life Care

24-Hour home care is not limited to support recovering patients e.g. after an injury or surgery. Our service is also designed to support patients and their families in hard moments by providing end of life care.

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