Giving birth to a newborn is unique experience but a challenging one too especially when the newborn is at elevated risk or premature. Our caregiver can help you during the after-birth period when your newborn can be intimidating, exhausting and overwhelming from time to another. After leaving the hospital you will start discovering that giving birth to a new baby is a physically and emotionally draining experience. Newborns need frequent feedings, diaper changes and other none obvious needs. In addition, parents with little experience may not be able to know the reason of their newborn crying who may have health related issues different than previous newborn family members. Accumedis are here to provide you with all assistance that you need.


Accumedis trained caregivers address mother and baby needs and they are available from couple of hours per day to 24 hours per day, this includes helping the mother during her transition period. Our caregivers provide antenatal and postnatal advice, episiotomy care, breastfeeding education, bathing and support to mother, baby and their family.

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